Bring your own food to enjoy at local brewery!

KBC Brewery & Beer Garden

Brewery patrons enjoying their own homemade BBQ spread

Since they opened their Frederick Street brewery back in November, Kretschmann Brewing Company’s BYOF (bring your own food) policy has really taken off.  Since they are not licensed to handle, serve, or sell food at KBC, the BYOF idea has been successful for both their patrons and for local eating establishments in Webster.  On a typical Friday night at KBC, there are groups of folks coming in together carrying with them a bagged up feast that will accompany one of KBC’s many in-house beverage choices. Usually one or more of these groups are a family who chose to eat dinner at the brewery.  The parents will enjoy a glass of one of their brews while the kids are treated to one of their house-made sodas (root beer is a favorite).

The food choices folks bring in range from local takeout at one of the many restaurants nearby, pizza delivery right to the table, or even home cooked comfort food brought in and shared with other guests.  We offer a stack of menus from local restaurants such as Eastern Pearl, Thai Cuisine, Crown Chicken, Subway, The Golden Greek, The Lobster Nook, and Mama Dolces Café.  They’ve seen their customers bring in food from these places every week and quite often we see pizza delivery from Domino’s and Northeast Pizza.

Last Friday, we had a group of folks bring in their own homemade BBQ spread consisting of pulled pork in a crock pot, homemade coleslaw, and bulky rolls.  They were generous enough to share a sandwich with those who wanted one (and the sandwiches were quite yummy).

KBC does plan on having a “Food Solution” when they open their beer garden this Spring.  It will most likely be in the form of a food truck but the BYOF idea is here to stay and they hope more people will try it out and experience some local cuisine while enjoying a beverages and the friendly community they have created at KBC.

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