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As Pablo Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”….that is exactly what Worcester artist Tony Freitas is doing with his custom made art hand-carved out of industrial grade polystyrene…also known as Dig-Outz.

His talent was apparent at a young age. We all have that one teacher that recognizes the special magic that makes us who we are, and though we can’t know where it will lead, it is something that needs fostering through a crucial yet murky time known as high school. For Tony, that was Mr Lucey, his graphic arts teacher at Millbury High School. Tony credits Mr. Lucey’s guidance during this part of his journey as integral to where he is today. His influence continues to inspired Tony to be that changemaker for others, “One of the things in development here Dig-Outz, is a program we are reaching out to area schools with soon that will supplement art supplies and provide creative opportunities and experiences students may not otherwise have access to. It is important to us to give back to the community.”

Much of his work is commissioned and has recently found an audience abroad. “I want to reach as many people as possible and that means being diverse with my work and my message.” In one display of the breadth of his reach, he did a live art performance at an event highlighting mental health awareness when UMass Memorial Hospital came calling. That piece was bought by a man from Granite Hill School in Newport, New Hampshire (a therapeutic school for kids who have a mental illness or learning disability), and hangs in the main lobby of the school. “I am pleased it is in a place where it will have an impact.”

Another one of his collaborations includes an upcoming live art performance at Kretschmann Brewing Company in Webster Massachusetts. “We are working with a band of incredible musicians called Black Stone. They are doing a cover-to-cover performance of Pink Floyd’s The Wall that will include multi-media experience for all of the senses. I don’t want to give anything away but it will be like nothing you have seen before. It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and
tickets are $20. When you’ve had enough family time, find your way over…you will leave in awe.”

Dig-Outz can be found on Facebook and Instagram and anything you can imagine, Tony can bring to fruition. Pieces start at around $50 and he does literally every and anything you can imagine.

“We have also begun doing Paint Nights at local bars and eateries with our next one being at The White Eagle Social Club on Green Street in Worcester on Thursday, November 9th. Tickets are just $40 and fill up quickly. We have a great time…there is nothing like our Dig-Outz. You get the very unique opportunity to create your own.”

Everything Tony does, he puts every fiber of his being into. On knowing when a piece is truly complete, he explains “when a connection is made and a person takes my art and hangs it on their wall, I can let it go knowing it has found it’s home and it is done”.

When asked what advice he would give to younger artists, he says “respectfully ignore the close-minded, judgemental opinions of those who advise you to tow the line, get a ‘regular job’ and follow the sheep. Instead, do your thing and help change the system that closed their minds and hardened their hearts. You’ve got this.”

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