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Hi, I’m Paula Patruno and I am very passionate about fitness and passing the “Fit Bug” to you. I walk the talk in what I teach by living a healthy, active lifestyle and I am proud to say that I am 52 years young. My mission is to reach out and help as many people as I can, showing that achieving this lifestyle is possible at any age or circumstance.  I admire and applaud a client’s first step to make such an important change.  Each day we are all works in progress.  I feel truly blessed to work with you on your journey of adapting a healthy lifestyle.  I design programs to meet the needs of the client, provide nutritional guidance, and assist in keeping my clients motivated, focused, and accountable to meet their goals.  My accreditations and certifications include being a Personal trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, Nutrition and Body Composition Specialist by the American Council on Exercise.

I do not teach perfection, but rather being the best you can be, taking medical issues, limitations, genetics, or other life stressors into consideration.  My heart is touched on a daily basis by my clients through conversations, text messages, and emails I have received stating how I’ve inspired them to start getting healthy.

My services include and are not limited too; One-on-one training (men and women), Couple’s/Partner training, Nutritional Counseling, Weight loss plans, Strength training, and Corporate fitness Weight loss seminars.  I have been lucky to been voted “Best Personal trainer 6 times. Please check out my testimonials at

My studio is located at 74 Sturbridge Rd, Charlton/ (aka) Rt 20 The studio is opened 6 days a week from 5 am to 8 pm. If your goal is to lose weight, call now to start on that lifelong journey of shedding pounds and keeping them off.    Start creating your own personalized exercise and nutrition plan with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer today!   Call or Text at 508 397-3576 or Email me at

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