Business Spotlight – La Salle Reception Center

Since 2004, La Salle Reception Center has been a beautifully appointed reception venue located on the property of The Notre Dame Church, 444 Main Street in Southbridge. The Church was constructed in 1916, is a marvel of Romanesque design and was consecrated as a cathedral in 1950.

Margaret Farrand, a resident of Southbridge, has attended Notre Dame Church all her life. In the 1980’s, and again in the year 2000, Margaret directed the renovation of the Notre Dame Rectory. From 2006-2010, Margaret served in the position of parish business manager where she led the renovation efforts at La Salle and other projects on the Notre Dame grounds. With the merger of the four Catholic parishes in Southbridge, Margaret is now solely dedicated to the La Salle Reception Center as part of the newly formed Saint John Paul II Parish. Active in Southbridge and at Notre Dame Church for almost 50 years, Margaret has the knowledge of this community and its resources that will help in the planning of your special event.

Lenny Patrillo is a lifelong resident of Sturbridge, and graduated from Tantasqua Regional High School. Lenny has always had a love for cooking and sharing a good meal with others. In 1983, he purchased Annie’s Country Kitchen, in Sturbridge. He has since expanded into the catering business with the creation of Hearthstone Catering. Lenny works with many local organizations and is also actively involved in the renovations at La Salle Reception Center.

La Salle has two rooms, the Grand Ballroom and the Tuscan Room. The Grand Ballroom can accommodate parties of between 125 and 300 people. The Grand Ballroom features chandeliers, an attractive granite bar, and a large and newly curtained stage which is perfect for a band or sweetheart table. The Tuscan Room can accommodate parties of between 50 and 125 people, and is designed to make you feel as if you were sitting on a porch overlooking a vineyard in Tuscany. This room features a stone fireplace, a “window” bar, and an indoor patio seating area.

If you are looking for an elegant and affordable venue for your next event which is conveniently located halfway between Boston and Springfield, La Salle Reception Center is a wonderful choice!

Contact Margaret Farrand, Event Coordinator, at 774-318-808. You can also email her at More information can be located on the website, and you can also find them on Facebook!

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