Charlton Taste of the Towns

THANK YOU to the following vendors, businesses, organizations and individuals who helped the Charlton REAS Foundation raise over $12,400.00 from the annual Taste of the Towns and lottery calendar fundraisers:

To Fr. Bob Grattaroti, pastor of St. Joseph’s Church for allowing us to use the church hall. To the Volunteers and those who pitched-in to help: Bob Racki, Brian Garney, Carl Ekman, Terri Gough, Cathy Kuehl, Bay Path Culinary students, Cornerstone Bank, Country Bank, and Savers Bank.

To the Vendors: Buster’s Bark, Bay Path Culinary, Ed Stearns Dressed Meats, Elm Center Café, Francesco’s Italian Bakery, Karol’s Corner Take-out, Margaux’s Deli, McDonald’s-Sellia Corp., Pine Ridge Country Club, Ronnie’s Seafood, Sturbridge Coffee Roasters, Sugar Creative Confections, Suzy Q’s Ice Cream Truck, Ted’s Package Store & Deli, Treehouse Brewing Co., Zorba’s Pizzeria & Tavern.

To the Donors: ADT Auto Service, Advantage Enterprises, A.J. Letourneau, Inc., Gail Audette, BT Copy & Print Center, BT Smokehouse, Boston Red Sox Foundation, Charlton Furniture, Charlton Optical, Charlton Police Dept., Collective Goods, Dad’s Restaurant, Terry Burke Dotson, Family House of Pizza & Seafood, Flex-con, Gary-Jackson Motors, Ken Hahn, Hair Depot Salon, Heritage Country Club, InnerRenewal Message, JM Barch, Jennings Custom Homes, Inc., Kathy’s Garden Treasures, Kid Power, Kosta’s Café, Michelle Letourneau, Karon Marcelli, Morin Jewelers, Frank Morrill, O’Malley’s Auto, Percy’s, Perkin’s & Perkin’s, Rob’s Automotive, Safety Smart Gear, Lynne Shaw, Southbridge Tire, Teddy G’s.

The yearly fundraisers for the Charlton REAS Foundation are so important. We were able to give 48 awards to qualifying senior citizens in 2017 to heat their homes in the winter time and receive an air conditioner or help with their electric bill during the humid summer months.

Many senior citizens are on fixed incomes and sometimes have to make choices between food, medications, heating their homes, as well as other daily necessities. The Charlton REAS Foundation is here to assist with energy needs to possibly free up some funds so clients may not have to make such difficult choices.

As we New Englanders’ know, some winters can be brutally cold (as was this winter), but many people don’t think about the extreme hot and humid summer weather and what that may mean for some senior citizens. Older adults are more prone to heat stress than younger people for several reasons: Older adults do not adjust as well as young people to sudden changes in temperature. They are more likely to have a chronic medical condition that changes normal body responses to heat. They are more likely to take prescription medicines that impair the body’s ability to regulate its temperature or that inhibit perspiration. If you know someone who may need assistance, the deadline is March 31 for heating assistance. Cooling assistance begins May 1st. Please call 508-868-5289.

On behalf of the Charlton REAS Foundation Board of Directors, thank you for your support!

Debra Ciesluk, Ed Ciesluk, Michael Cunningham, Ray Delisle, Darlene Emco-Rollins, Elaine Materas, Jim Pervier, Rick Swensen, Jean Vincent, Sabrina Webb.

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