Distribution Data

Distribution Data

Our 4th annual 3rd party audit proves that the Smart Shopper gets delivered, is read and our customers get results.

The CVC audit results are an important tool used by media buyers and agencies to direct advertising dollars for their clients to publications that provide accurate readership and target audience numbers.

We are the ONLY audited paper in our market.

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We have 1.8 readers per issue of the Smart Shopper!

Smart Shopper is distributed regularly in your area. Does your household regularly receive Smart Shopper?
YES – 99%
NO – 1%

Do you or someone in your household regularly read or look through Smart Shopper?

YES – 78.8%
NO – 21.2%

Do you frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in Smart Shopper?

YES – 79.3%
NO – 20.7%

How long do you keep Smart Shopper before discarding it?

41% 1-2 Days
38% 3-4 Days
03% 5-7 Days
18% 1 Week or More

Reader Demographics
01% 18-20 Years Old
03% 21-24 Years Old
13% 25-34 Years Old
23% 35-44 Years Old
25% 45-54 Years Old
21% 55-64 Years Old
12% 65-74 Years Old
02% 75 Years or Older