Feel the Love…There is Passion in Putnam

Imagine if we obsessed about the things we love about ourselves, instead of the parts of us we do not like. Or what if we looked at others immediately for their strengths rather than trying to find their flaws. The Putnam Business Association, along with the Town of Putnam, hopes to do just that as they roll out their newest campaign in the month of February, “Feel the Love…There is Passion in Putnam.”

As the newest PBA president assumes his duties, it is evident that his every move is based on Peace and Love. Always present in the community and always encouraging togetherness, Gary Osbrey kicks off this year representing who he is and how he plans to lead the Putnam Business Association — by bringing the community together.

In the month of February, hearts will start poppin’ up featuring new banners through town with messages “Heart to Heart We Grow Together” and “Love Someone. Open up Your Heart” and a new lighted heart installation will stretch across Cargill Falls.

For Valentine’s weekend and the following weekend, hearts will be projected onto the facade of 88 Main. Throughout the two weeks every window will be uplit with colorful lighting. This will also feature a 65-inch flat-screen monitor in one of the windows that will have a rotation of sponsorship recognition, heartfelt messaging and past years event photos.

In addition, our businesses are safely open and eager to provide their fine goods and services to patrons. Both retail and restaurants will be incorporating hearts into their establishments for the entire month including: heart window displays, menu items —– dine and take-out — and other love-inspired items for purchase. The Putnam Business Association and The Town of Putnam recognize that with the current COVID-19 restrictions, this year won’t look like previous years. So to accommodate the needs of our community, with the most heartfelt intentions of encouraging early reservations and beyond the specific day of February 14th, we have set the stage to promote love and all things hearts, for all to enjoy.

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