Football Clinic May 30th!

South County Pop WarnerThe weather is just getting better and better as the days go on, and what better way to enjoy it than playing football? South County Pop Warner, is encouraging that everyone enjoys the beautiful weather by joining them at their football clinic Saturday, May 30th! The fun will start at 9am – 12pm. The football clinic is open to boys and girls from the ages 5-15. Besides having a great time, the kids will be practicing great football skills such as: throwing, kicking, and running. Make sure to dress comfortably! Shorts, a t-shirt, and football cleats (if you have them) are recommended. Don’t forget water, the kids will be having too much fun to notice how much they will be sweating. Before each child participates in the clinic, a parents will just have to sign a waiver at the time of drop off.

The clinic is completely free to attend, however if any parents are interested in registering their children to join the South County family, they will also be offering registration. The registration fee is $135, and you will just have to make a deposit of $75 when registering your child.

Join South County Pop Warner to kick off the start of Summer!

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