Harrington Auxiliary Sponsors Self-Defense Presentation

SOUTHBRIDGE: Two near-abduction attempts when she was a child inspired Karen Spiewak to seek ways to keep herself, and others, safe. After earning a first-degree black belt and a Masters in Health Education, she continued her pursuit of safety tactics and developed a program that teaches effective strategies to avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to handle threatening confrontations. On Wednesday, November 1, Spiewak presented “Defend Yourself: Prepared, Not Scared” at Harrington Hospital, a program sponsored by the Harrington Auxiliary.

Spiewak created the program more than ten years ago and has presented it to students in middle and high school and college, to senior centers and a variety of other individuals, groups and organizations. The program emphasizes that age and physical limitations are not barriers to maintaining personal safety. Rather, the best form of self-defense is non-physical. “You have to use your head, your psychological and analytical skills,” Spiewak said. “Physical skills are a last resort.”

“Self-defense simplified” is best achieved by practicing the “four A’s,” according to Spiewak. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging that all individuals are potential victims; being aware of surroundings; avoiding possible confrontations; and taking action, when necessary, using readily-available items, such as keys, an umbrella, hair spray and other commonplace objects.

In addition to delivering a lively, informative demonstration, Spiewak provided tip sheets, a link to a family watchdog website and mobile safety apps.

The Harrington Auxiliary presents several programs throughout the year that range from educational and informational to entertaining and interactive. Harrington Auxiliary, established in 1932, is a non-profit organization of dedicated and impassioned volunteers whose mission is to support and enhance the excellent services provided by the Harrington HealthCare System. For more information or to join the Auxiliary, contact Kelly Hibbard, manager of Volunteer Services, at 508-765-6472.

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