Omer Menard Celebrates His 93rd Birthday


On May 29th Omer Menard, his wife Carolyn, and daughter Lisa Sharpe of Thompson, CT celebrated his 93rd birthday on the Indian Princess on Webster Lake. Omer is 93 years old, and several years ago began following the story of the Indian Princess. Following the adventures of the Indian Princess became Omer’s hobby, and he made a scrap book recording every fact on the Princess.

The Indian Princess traveled from its’ home in Fort Myers, FL, via the Atlantic Ocean, to Barrington, RI. The trip from Florida to Rhode Island took 6 weeks. From Rhode Island the Princess was towed overland, through Connecticut, eventually making it to Webster Lake in Massachusetts.

While on board, the Master of the vessel, Captain Rabbett, made Omer an honorary First Mate for the voyage, and presented him with a picture of the Indian Princess and an Indian Princess cap. While on the voyage, his fellow passengers stopped by to offer Omer their congratulations on his milestone birthday. In addition, the bald eagles, and their chicklet, nesting on Little Island made a special appearance to honor Omer and this family.

The crew at Indian Ranch and the Indian Princess, made this day as special as they could for Omer. Omer at one time worked at the Ranch, from 1956 to 1966. Many more Happy Birthdays to you!

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