Our Earth is at Stake, What Action Will You Take?

Earth Day Cleanup

Earth Day Cleanup

As Spring is among us, nature’s beauty once again pulls our attention and hopefully, appreciation. In fact, there is not a better time to appreciate our earth than around the time of Earth Day, on April 22nd. Appreciation for the land that we live on is something that we all need to seriously take into account. Hensler Nursery has pointed out that every year, nearly 200 billion beverage containers are sold, two-thirds of which are landfilled, incinerated, or littered. Really think about that for a second. Im sure you, among most people, see this litter so often that you almost expect to see trash on the sidewalks of your town. However, have you ever stopped to think about how we have treated our land and how it is being affected?

As you can imagine, the wildlife that attempt to eat our litter are fatally harmed. Aside from the animals, our carelessness comes around full circle as our health is at stake as well. You see, our trash leavings are the breeding grounds for harmful bacterias that are detrimental to the public. Some of the most discouraging effects, however, are derived from the most common form of litter, cigarettes. Each discarded cigarette butt takes an estimated 12 years to break down. During this time, our soil is absorbing the toxic chemicals from the cigarettes including: cadmium, lead, and arsenic. Wait a minute, this is the same soil that we grow our plants on, our children play on, and let our pets venture on.

Alarming, isn’t it? So, now the bigger question remains, what can we do now? A wonderful opportunity to show your consideration for your environment is to take part in the Earth Day Cleanup in Webster and Dudley. On Saturday, May 2nd The Webster Dudley Business Alliance has organized the event for the folks in Webster from 8AM-1PM at the Webster Town Hall on 350 Main St. Webster. For everyone that wishes to participate in Dudley, the location will be at the Dudley Highway Garage on Indian Road starting from 9AM-12PM Make sure to check in by 9AM to receive the cleaning supplies and to be assigned to the pickup location. Don’t worry, gloves, bags, and safety vests will be provided to you. Everyone involved in the wonderful cause will also be given tree seedlings while supplies last. For more details check out this website. Our environment has given so much to us; it’s our turn to give back.

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