Oxford’s Greenhouse Car Wash will host a Free Public Event

OXFORD – Oxford’s Greenhouse Car Wash will host free public event, launching its new state-of-the-art Car Wash Machine and Point of Sale System on Saturday May 11, 2019.

Greenhouse Car Wash will inaugurate its new Ryko SoftGloss MAXX 3, A Three Brush System with Two Wash Options on Saturday, May 11th with a free public grand re-opening ceremony, “Greenhouse Carwash: Changing Power. Powering Change”. The event which starts at 10:00 am and ends at 2:00 PM will showcase the new SOFTGLOSS MAXX 3 system and include informative discussions and educational displays led by the owners of the car wash and the system installers.

Greenhouse Car Wash owner Mark Marzeotti will be on-site for spirited discussions about the new State of the art system. Greenhouse Car Wash is already an environmentally friendly car wash which employs a sophisticated water filtration system to reuse more than 90% of its fresh water and biodegradable soaps and waxes. With the changing shapes and styles of most cars and trucks, our wash systems must adapt. You will have the opportunity to see for yourself the new equipment in operation. We will offer tours of the building to show the eco-friendly attributes and new machinery at its automatic car wash facility at 101 Main Street in Oxford. “This new wash system will reveal a brand new Point of Sales system also which will be fully automatic and interactive.  “One feature that we have always wanted to offer, and have had requests for, was the unlimited monthly wash pass! Now we will have the ability to offer such a package..said Marzeotti”

The project was designed and installed by Ryko Solutions Inc, Grimes, IA, www.ryko.com. Representatives Richard Moynahan, Sales Manager and Jim Raymond, Service Manager, Ryko Solutions Inc, will demonstrate the system, explain its components, oversee educational displays, and answer any questions. The SoftGloss MAXX 3 is loaded with technologically advanced features and controls, while also putting more options at your customers’ fingertips by providing two wash options in one bay. “Customers are becoming accustomed to having multiple options when shopping for products and services and that includes car care,” says Michael T. Gillen, President & CEO for Ryko Solutions. “Your customers will have that flexibility with the SoftGloss MAXX 3 and also benefit from a spacious design to accommodate larger vehicles, both touch and touch-free options all with a great drying experience. Features of the SoftGloss MAXX 3 include:

• Two Wash Systems – The only unit that offers high pressure touch free and combination wash flexibility all in one unit. Customers can use the MAXX Choice to choose brush only, touchless, or a combination wash. It’s like getting two machines in one system.

• Quality Brushes – A proprietary designed wash material cleans and enhances paint without picking up debris or absorbing water. Advanced power monitoring sensors adjust to meet the shape of the vehicle for soft, yet optimum coverage without the need for separate brush controllers. Two side-arm brushes provide the bumpers with extra attention moving from the front and rear of vehicles. The large diameter wheel scrub provides greater coverage and can extend for narrow or offset vehicles.

Marzeotti has been dedicated in assuring the best wash experience in the tri-town area all while continuing to reduce his carbon footprint.  This is a great example of a “Main Street” business demonstrating green leadership and a small business thinking big.

The event is open to the public and will be held rain or shine. For more information, please contact Mark Marzeotti at 617-519-1871.

About Greenhouse Car Wash
Since April 2008, Greenhouse Car Wash at 101 Main Street in Oxford has been operated by Mark Marzeotti and his family. As a family company, they believe in doing their part to make their community a healthier, better place to live. From the unique greenhouse design of the building to capture passive solar energy, to bio-degradable soaps and waxes, and the advanced water reclamation system, the Greenhouse Car Wash continues to do its part to protect the environment.

Ryko Solutions is one of the largest providers of managed car wash systems in North America, www.ryko.com.

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