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Jill and Gary

In January of 2014, PEST B DEAD was acquired by Gary Brogna and Jill St. Cyr-Brogna. They have been a locally owned and operated business for 30 years, and under Gary and Jill’s ownership, PEST B DEAD has expanded services throughout Central Massachusetts and Windham County Connecticut. They now specialize in Carpenter Ants, Termites, Ticks, Mosquitos and Rodent Control, along with other various areas of Commercial and Residential Pest Control.

Both Jill and Gary are local to the area, Gary being from Charlton and Jill in nearby Thompson, CT. Gary worked for a large pest control company for many years as both a technician and quality assurance manager, and Jill also works for a local insurance company, where she has been for 25 years. Just like Gary’s parents, who owned Bob’s Yankee Diner in Charlton for 35 years, they are focused on providing a level of quality, personal service that separates PEST B DEAD from larger competitors.

The two insist that their customers are their most valued asset, and that they are not looking to be the biggest pest control company out there, but rather the best. “We approach each appointment as if we were providing treatment within our own home.”, says Jill. And looking at the numbers, that level of personal care has certainly paid off. During 2014, PEST B DEAD saw a 35% increase in numbers of new customers, and has had a 100% renewal rate for 2015 on their home owner plans. Given that the large growth in their customer base was due mostly to referrals from existing customers, it only furthers their belief that quality of service, pride and experience are what customers are looking for.

Gary is PEST B DEAD’s primary technician and he is certified to work in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. He holds supervisor licensing in various categories in both states, making his training far more in depth than that of your typical licensed applicator. He is constantly attending various training programs so that he can remain current on the newest insecticides, rodenticides, application methods and state regulations. This knowledge benefits their customers directly as Gary is able to use his vast knowledge and training to assess issues, and provide the solutions, QUICKLY!

Being “green” is also something that Gary and Jill feel strongly about, so they remain current on the most effective methods of application and use environmentally friendly pesticides.

If you have a pest problem, you should give them a call. Standard inspections are free, and there is no additional cost for weekend or emergency services. They are happy to provide consultation at any time should have questions. Their low overhead costs allow them to have very competitive prices, and the level of service is unmatched. They also offer convenient “Home Owner Plans” that provide the coverage you need, all year long at a reduced price. Starting at less than a dollar a day, you can know that your pest problems are being dealt with and prevented by qualified, caring professionals.

Pest B Dead can be contacted by calling either 508-248-1800 or 800-553-2615. Their office is located at 137 Schofield Ave in Dudley, MA

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