Sgt. Pam Daniels Memorial Care Kit for Kids

The Dudley Woman’s Club has joined forces with the Dudley Police Department in its latest charitable undertaking: Sgt. Pam Daniels Memorial Care Kits for Kids. Imagine the fear a child experiences when police come into their home to break up a domestic dispute, arrest a parent or remove the child from a dangerous situation. Care Kits are backpacks with comfort and care items for children in crisis or suddenly removed from their home or parents. Dudley police officers carry the Care Kits in their cruisers to give on-the-scene comfort and about 48 hours of essentials to ease children transitioning to foster care.

The Dudley Woman’s Club collaborated with Police Chief Steven Wojnar, Dudley-Charlton Regional School Superintendent Gregg Desto and representatives of New Hope and the state Department of Children and Families in developing this new club program. The Club has launched this new program in its hometown with the hope of expanding it to other communities in the near future. The Dudley Police Department is the first in Worcester County and perhaps the state to participate in such a program.

About the time the Club was finalizing program details, our beloved Sgt. Daniels passed away. To honor her countless contributions to our community, we have dedicated the police cruiser Care Kit program in her memory. Contacts: Jean Tilly, DWC president, 508-864-2701 or Steven Wojnar, Dudley Police Chief, 508-943-4411.

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