Spring Survival Guide

We probably are all wondering the same thing, where is our gorgeous Spring weather? Well, certainly not making an appearance here, with snowfall still taunting us. We live in New England, after all, should we really expect anything different? But, if there’s anything that us, New Englanders, know how to do, it’s making the best of what we got. So, here it is, your go-to guide for the best way to enjoy your spring.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, Spring is here. You may have to stand on your toes to gaze over the once-mountainous snow banks to see it, but rest assured, spring is once again in the air. Spring is the promise of good things to come. The days are longer, seemingly a timely response for our pleas for more time in the day. So, with more time, how will you spend your day? Here are a few ideas:

Visit Your Local Farmers Market
Farmer's Market

One of the best parts about the spring season is simply taking in the atmosphere. The beauty of this season is just uplifting. It almost feels as though the Earth has awakened; the soil starts to warm up again, The snow is melted, and you are once again reminded that you do, in fact, have a lawn. The trees grow new leaves again and some even blossom, while the aroma of the new flowers surround you. What a perfect time to take advantage of all of the new growth! This is why going to your local farmer’s market is number one on out guide.

Stop by the Canal District Farmer’s Market! Located on 138 Green St in Worcester, every Saturday they offer fresh produce that was grown from local vendors and farmers.

Spring to the Cleaning

cleaningJust like the the end of winter and the start of spring, it is about time to do away with the clutter that has been dominating the kitchen table for months and maybe even move around some furniture to make more space for the family that you’ve always wanted. Sara Aguirre from Good Housekeeping suggests that the most crucial part of the annual cleaning spree is to first, rid yourself of the clutter! Most of the clutter is not needed or even used, anyways. Start with the closets and end with the basement.

So, you’ve gathered all of the junk that you don’t want or need, now what? This is the best opportunity to bring in some cash from your unwanted things and plan a garage sale. Or maybe you are feeling more generous this of year, donating your things is just as rewarding!

Stay tuned for more “Spring Survival Tips” coming in the next few days!

This article was written by Amber Daigneault of Webster, MA. Amber is a student at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, and we are excited to have her join the team here at the South County Wire.

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