The Center of Hope Foundation and Hoyt Running Chairs

, Inc., a non-profit agency located in Southbridge, Ma that serves children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, is pleased to be partnering with the Hoyt Running Chairs team to launch a Fitness Program for agency program members and staff. The Hoyt Running Chairs assemble specially designed racing wheel chairs for adults and children who are wheelchair uses and each individual has a sponsor who pushes them in 5K, 10K and marathon events.
The program started this month in preparation for a 5K/10K Road Race in November of 2018, the Center’s own Gobble Gobble Road Race.

Erika Travinksi, Asst, COO, says that “This is a great opportunity for agency staff and program members to increase their fitness and prepare for the Center’s own Gobble Road Race which takes place in November. This is a training program that will prepare the participants to be able to run in a road race and at the same time raise awareness for those with ID and DD”. Mike DiDonato, of Hoyt Running Chairs, is donating his time to train the agency staff and participants. Hoyt Running Chairs has also generously donated a running chair to the agency for people to use.
The Hoyt Foundation is known internationally and was inspired by Dick and Rick Hoyt, father and son, who competed in the Boston Marathon for many years. Rick, diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy and a wheelchair user, inspired his father to compete in a charity 5K road race and since then they have run in hundreds of events.
For more information about the Center of Hope, please call the Center of Hope Foundation, Inc. at (508) 764-4085. For more information about the Hoyt Running Chairs visit

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