“We Are What the Pilgrims Were” with Glenn Cheney

069fcc9496On Thursday, November 19, 2015, The Black Tavern Historical Society in Dudley will host a special presentation that is free and open for all to attend.

Author Glenn Cheney will be presenting about the pilgrims and their influence on the American Culture. “The few dozen pilgrims were hardly the first Europeans to settle in North America, their values and beliefs grew into the American Culture. Americans are what the pilgrims were”

The event will start and 7pm, and will be at The Black Tavern, 138 Center Road in Dudley.

The Black Tavern in Dudley, Massachusetts is presently the only building in Dudley on the U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Buildings.  Three structures make up The Black Tavern; the Tavern, the annex/shop, and the Barn.  The Black Tavern Historical Society (BTHS) was established in 1983 by an extremely dedicated group of preservation-minded local residents in order to save the Tavern, which was in imminent danger of being demolished.

The main purpose of The Black Tavern Historical Society is to promote Dudley’s rich history and heritage which we fulfill through research, assistance to citizens and organizations, educational programs for young and old, and preservation of historical objects pertaining to the history of Dudley and the surrounding areas.

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