Webster’s Lil’ Treasure Trove

To find unique items at affordable prices, you can find it at Webster’s Lil Treasure Trove. Here you have the option to buy, sell, trade and collect items from A-Z! There are many stores that specialize in certain items while Webster’s Lil Treasure Trove has it all.


Webster’s Lil Treasure Trove is proud to say they are family owned and family operated. Tammy and husband Norman, along with brother Mark, have dedicated the last 10 months to continuously improving the shop inside and out. Before Webster’s Lil Treasure Trove was, 4 East Main Street was another thrift shop that became available in the beginning of the year. Tammy, Mark, and Norman have 15 years experience in the flea market and resale business. They took it under their wing to transform an abandoned trinket shop into a welcoming gift shop for all.

Being a family oriented thrift shop has made it easy to provide great customer service and comfortable prices. No matter what age or preference, you can find it at Webster’s Lil Treasure Trove. They have satisfied customers who collect rare genre’s of items and have surprised comic lovers with their variety. The front window alone is just some of the many unique gifts the Treasure Trove has to offer. Gifts for friends and family are made easy at Webster’s Lil Treasure Trove because there is such an array of exclusive items to choose from. Don’t let anyone be difficult to shop for ever again. With such unique items, you really can not go wrong. The store continues to improve its look, stock, and clientele to provide an emporium of authenticity.

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