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We are very proud to introduce the first spotlight for Webster’s Women In Business, a way for you to get to know the women running businesses right here in town. This month, we’d like to introduce you to the owner of JOYasanAH, the yoga, aerial yoga, and wellness sanctuary at 255 Main St., Webster.

Women In Business – What exactly does JOYasanAH, mean and what do you do there?

Bonnie – JOYasanAH is based on the Sanskrit word asana. All of the yoga poses end with this word and it translates into English as “to settle into.” We created the word, JOYasanAH, to indicate that it’s a place where we, “settle into” joy and say, “ah” at the end of class. We offer 2-3 classes per day with a mix of gentle yoga, therapeutic yoga, core strengthening yoga, Zumba and aerial yoga. We also offer reiki treatments, sound healing, numerology readings and self-development workshops.

WIB – What are your hours?
Bonnie – We have classes at 10:30am, noon, 5:30pm and 6:45pm.  We also offer a 6:30am class on Thursdays for the early birds. Healing treatments can be booked when classes are not in session.

WIB – What do you like about the Webster community?

Bonnie – We really love being downtown in our location. The other business owners are all very supportive, and we have met so many wonderful new students here. The parking lot behind the studio is very convenient, as well as on street parking. I’m happy we were able to bring something unique to this area as our mix of classes and teachers are different than anywhere else.

WIB – What does make you different?

Bonnie – Our studio is beautiful, peaceful and playful. You can feel the energy when you walk through the doors. As serene and meditative as it is, we still love to laugh. We tell jokes in class and keep things light hearted, especially so that new students feel right at home.

WIB – What would be your advice to someone who has never tried yoga, but is curious if it could help them at all?

Bonnie – Remember that there is no such thing as “good at yoga” because yoga is about connecting inward. Everyone goes at their own pace and is there to feel good. We are here to support you and help you feel as comfortable as possible in our space. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, relax and build muscle tone in every muscle in the body. The 13 day trial offer is the best way to check it out!


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