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Women in Business – Tell us about Prestige Salon? Why do you refer to it as a wellness salon?
Since relocating to Negus St.  2 years ago after my previous location was shut down due to water damage,  I decided it was the perfect time to redefine my salon’s mission. I wanted to create a very different experience here for clients. Safe, Sanitary, Holistic but still with a luxury spa feel.

Myself and Amber Antonopoulos have taken advanced training under the direction of a podiatrist. We specialize in safe nail and foot care for diabetic, at risk and immune- compromised individuals and most recently became Spa Oncology Trained. We use autoclave sterilization for our tools and only disposable  files and buffers. The products and services are customized to meet the needs of each client.

WIB – What services are offered at Prestige?
We focus on natural nail and foot care.  Its more than just calling it manicures and pedicures. We do not do artificial nails. Our goal is to help our clients achieve beautiful nails naturally by recommending the best product/service to meet that goal.

Each foot care service addresses the needs and condition of the individuals foot heath.

We use and recommend  hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, vegan products.

Our specialty services include Toe Nail Reconstruction for damaged or unsightly nails and also a Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive Toe Nail Correction Protocol for in grown and involuted (pincer) Toe Nails.

WIB – What are your hours?
We are by appointment only and recommend calling in advance. We dedicate your appointment time just for you.

WIB – What other services are available?
Prestige is a co-op salon for others who are like minded in offering wellness services.

I am blessed to have these wonderful individuals share this mission.

Katrina Pouliot (Three Haven Healing) Reiki Practioner, Betty Banasik RN, Reflexologist, Paige Oliver & Joanna Sokolowska , Skin Care Specialists, Sheridan Murphy, Lash Artist

WIB – What do like best about being a business in Webster?
The many local clients that we have keep us closely connected to this community. Being near the town hall, senior center and downtown has been a great asset for us.  I love watching the business community grow and strive to support my fellow small business owners.


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